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Media Trainings

Advanced Training

Advanced Training

The face of your company.

The reliability of a company mainly depends on a convincing public appearance. Whether the face of your company is the management or the company’s spokesperson: For a confident impression in front of microphone and camera you have to position yourself strategically and personally. Our Advanced Training is designed for experienced representatives. This practical training is conceived for small groups of 2-3 people.

With instructions of our coaches the participants train defensive communication techniques, statements and interview situations in front of a microphone and television camera and countering unfair questions. We create a realistic training situation together with our team. We work with journalists and cameramen who are still active in their original jobs for well-known German magazines, newspaper and television.

Our feedback during the trainings helps develop company-oriented strategies for a safe and successful handling of media representatives and important stakeholders such as residents, relatives or detractors.

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