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Crisis Communication

Crisis Communication Manual

Crisis Communication Manual

Your guide through the crisis.

Depending on branch, location and company, those responsible for communication are equipped with very different resources. And the fewer employees with media experience, the more important it is to prepare for an event in detail.

A crisis communications manual helps to delegate tasks quickly in an emergency, defines accelerated research and approval processes and provides initial formulations for a wide variety of crisis scenarios. Risks and scenarios can be identified in the research interviews for such a project. In addition, the close exchange with technical on-call employees and the company management helps to check alarm chains and processes and optimize them if necessary.

The visible result of such a process is a manual. But without anchoring the content in the minds, nothing is gained, so we attach great importance to subsequent training and workshops. Because only if the planned processes are practiced in your organization, you can prevent indecisiveness and misunderstandings in case of a crisis. This enables your team to systematically manage escalations that might arise during the event.

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