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Stress test with great learning effect

Those who master critical scenarios in an exercise act more reliable in case of an actual emergency.

What works in theory does not necessarily succeed in practice. Decisions under pressure, discussions in an unfamiliar constellation - as perfect as the sequences of actions may be planned, the next steps during a crisis situation are unpredictable. This unpredictability and lack of routine could make the members of the crisis team feel insecure and uncomfortable.

We prepare your team for emergencies in the context of realistic simulation games with escalation stages that are adapted to the the skills of your staff. In real time, the team members are expected to manage the event step by step. Including communication with important stakeholders, anticipating tasks and setting priorities consequentially.

The findings are reflected on in a moderated feedback. A final report serves as a guide to optimizing your processes. It is important to us to strengthen good and proven practices, but also to identify and exploit potential for improvement. Regular exercises in particular show high learning effects and enable you to quickly raise new employees to support the crisis team efficiently.

Update Corona:

Managing a crisis usually thrives on face-to-face interaction and on-site presence. But does a good incident management is also possible under strict health regulations due to Corona? Our answer: definitely yes.

In 2020 we were able to conduct several crisis management exercises digitally or as hybrid events with great success. Feel free to contact us and we will develop a "digital" crisis exercise tailored to your company needs and the current situation.

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