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Media Trainings

Intermediate Training

Intermediate Training

Discovering talented spokespersons in the second row.

The Intermediate Training is designed for employees of your crisis team, e.g. lawyers, HR managers or engineers, who are not experienced in communicating with the public or media. Nevertheless, it is possible that they are involved in the process of public communication. This training should instruct your employees on the effective performance of his/her respective role. Furthermore, they will be prepared to face the media in case of an event/a crisis.

The participants learn defensive communication techniques and countering unfair questions. Conceivable questions and core messages are discussed and intensively trained. All exercises are recorded and analyzed in detail. In this process dealing with stressful situations and reactions is also practiced, e.g. provocative questions or interruptions while speaking.

The participants learn how to react to camera teams showing up suddenly and how to convey their messages in a credible manner.

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