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Our References

We have been providing advice and support to a large number of renowned multinational companies for over 35 years. We have customers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, mineral oil, energy and automotive industries. Furthermore, we support service providers, trade fair organizers, energy suppliers, municipal utilities, associations, advocacy groups and medium-sized companies. We have enjoyed working closely with many of our customers for many years. A fact, we are proud about – because it represents the quality of our work.

Gas Sector

Natural gas will continue to play a significant role in Germany’s energy supply for the next years. Gas is distributed to the end user by a widely branched transmission system and with networks owned by various companies. The German gas network has a total length of 511,000 km. For years we have been supporting infrastructure companies in optimizing the work of their crisis team - in training, simulations and consulting projects.


The chemical industry is the third largest economic power in Germany. Products of this industry can be found in almost all areas of our daily life – from cosmetics to fertilizers. Accordingly, communicative challenges reach far. Conflicts arise with the risk of chemical accidents or upcoming topics like the dangers of microplastics in our environment. Crisis exercises are standard in this industry. We have made a decisive contribution to the development of crisis management systems within the chemical industry and support companies and chemical parks. Therefore, we help plant managers and their teams to get a better understanding of the media and to communicate appropriate in crisis situations.

Mineral Oil and Petrochemistry

The exploration of natural gas and oil is controversially discussed by the population inside Germany. But the often-requested abandonment from fossil fuels is not easily possible. Oil and natural gas are still needed - for energy generation, for heating or as a raw material for gasoline. We have been supporting companies in the industry for decades with trainings in media and stakeholder communication and with a very specialized stakeholder monitoring. And as a long-standing service provider for a large refinery, we can also demonstrate industry expertise for this part of the industry.


The automotive industry is the key sector in Germany - there are 47,000,000 vehicles on the country’s´ roads. But vehicle manufacturers have been steering from crisis to crisis for years now. The aim of the industry is to regain the lost trust and to demonstrate innovative strength. We have been supporting industry leaders for years with our crisis simulations. These simulations increase the security of their (IT) systems in order to avert further reputation damage.


Power and heat supply are critical infrastructures. In cooperation with the public sector, companies in this industry have to prepare intensively for incidents that could end up in supply shortages. From our extensive experience with customers of this sector we know that the general interest and the need for transparency are high. The close connection with politics and administration increases the complexity, especially of crisis communication. Therefore, a profound preparation is essential.

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is facing a fundamental change due to the corona crisis, with many opportunities but also the risks of increasing state intervention. It is precisely at times when the attention towards an industry is particularly high that a great deal of reputation can be gained. On the other hand, the loss of credibility that occurs now can have repercussions for decades to come. We help our clients to keep an eye on relevant issues - for the right strategy in the event of an escalation.


Through stakeholder analyzes, we help trading companies to record and keep track of the issues that move their customers. Because a perfectly researched database facilitates a customer-oriented PR strategy. We also advise trade fair companies on the establishment of local and international crisis communication processes. In addition to product issues, the main task is to be well positioned communicatively in case of unexpected major events – not only in terms of crisis management itself, but also in terms of good reputation management.

Public Companies

Institutions that are owned by cities or other political entities are closely linked to politics. The citizens particularly demand transparency. Public-owned companies have to be accountable for their business activities in a different way than private companies. As they are committed to the common good as well as to profitability. Particularly in times of crisis, this can result in very complex situations for the ones responsible for communications. We support managing directors and spokespersons of municipal as well as state and federal societies in developing media-oriented argumentation.

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